Canals, Food, Traditions, Culture & Nature

Stay in Tricana de Aveiro and come discover the city

History, Architecture & Ceramics

A city of culture!

As is the case in most Portuguese cities, Aveiro’s pavements are far from boring. Here, the black and white sidewalk take on maritime motifs.

Aveiro must have been booming during the first part of the 20th century if the abundance of extravagant Art Nouveau architecture is any indication.

Spanning the traditional blue and white painted tiled panels that grace the train station and other buildings, a ceramic mural dedicated to the city’s fishing and salt-producing industries.

The Museu de Aveiro is the marble tomb built for Princess Saint Joana, who resisted various attempts to marry her off and devoted herself to religious pursuits.

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Canals & Moliceiro boats

The Portuguese Venice!

Before being used for tourism, traditional Moliceiro boats were used for transporting other goods and collecting seaweed.

The old Aveiro “Ria” shipyards was reactivated in order to revive the Moliceiros as well and to use these boats as tourist boats to visit the city.

Small and colourful, painted in the bow and the stern with traditional bright coloured drawings which represent historical facts or popular devotion, moliceiros sail through the “Ria”, showing the other side of the city of Aveiro.

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Ovos Moles, Tripas, Leitao

Specialities of Aveiro!

One thing you won’t escape in Aveiro is the local delicacy, Ovos Moles (Soft Eggs), listed by the European Union as being of a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

The recipe is quite simple: the finest eggs and sugar embraced in a light outer casing of delicate wafer.

You're lucky, we make one of the best in Ovos Moles in Aveiro, go to our pastry to taste this speciality.

There are also the fabulous tripas to tempt the tastebuds. A crêpe-like taste sensation, filled with just about any condiment.

Bairrada suckling pig (Leitão à Bairrada in Portuguese) is considered as one of the best Portuguese specialties.

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Salt & Traditions

Discover the salt pans!

The lagoons of Ria de Aveiro have been a major salt-producing centre for centuries.

During the 12th century, they were supplying the entire country as well as exports.

Artisanal salt production still goes on and you’ll see evidence of this in form of prettily packaged top quality salt crystals and flor de sal that you can take home to flavour your dishes.

It’s also possible to visit the salt pans and pyramids at the permanently open Ecomuseu Marinha da Troncalhada.

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Fauna & Flora

The Eco Cycling Route

Inaugurated in 2018, the Eco Cycling Route (Via Ecológia Ciclável) is a 7,5km wooden route that allows you to admire the beautiful Aveiro Ria.

You can use this route to enjoy dunes, fauna and flora, landscapes, canals and Moliceiro boats.

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Dunes & Ocean

Chill in nature

While there are plenty of things to do in Aveiro, its attractions extend beyond the city centre.

Close to Praia da Barra, have a stroll in the São Jacinto Dunes Natural Reserve, protected since 1979 and just chill in those wild beaches. Between dunes, ocean, beaches and natural wetlands, you will find a lot of birds species.

At 11 kilometers outside the city centre lies a charming fishing area called Costa Nova, where you’ll find is a sandy dune-backed beach, a fish market, lots of fish and seafood restaurants and brightly painted striped cottages.

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